Your Partner from step one

As our nanocoatings are an integral part of your device, we prefer to work in close cooperation to identify, develop, and produce the optimal surface modification solution for your device. Surfix offers a wide range of services for advanced surface modification of your device:

• state-of-the-art surface characterization and analysis
• demonstrator devices for nanocoating validation
• coating of commercial devices
• technology transfer and IP license


The main application area of Surfix’s nanocoatings are micro- and nanodevices used in the life sciences, so the systems to be studied and parameters to be measured are mostly biological. On the other hand, the devices that are being used for measuring these parameters are based on physical principles, and their manufacture is based on physical and chemical processes. Therefore, a gap often exists between the physical world of manufacturers of devices and components, and the biological world of system integrators and end users. The chemical surface modification provided by Surfix’s nanocoating bridges this gap.

Quite literally, our nanocoatings span a bridge between the physical device material and the biological sample environment. But more importantly, they provide specific physical, chemical or biological properties to the material. Whether your device requires (local) control of wettability, anti-biofouling or specific biorecognition, Surfix’s nanocoatings enable your device to interact with the biological environment in the right way.

Surfix’s customer base includes companies developing and producing (physical) components and devices, but also companies focusing on specific (biological) applications. Therefore, we speak both languages and are familiar with the requirements and challenges of both worlds. This experience has taught us to approach the problem from both angles. Thus, also in a figurative sense, Surfix is able to bridge the gap.

Surfix Workflow

We support our customers by closely collaborating with them to identify opportunities to improve the performance of their devices. These are further elaborated and implemented in co-development projects, resulting in cost-effective and manufacturable surface modification solutions. A typical project includes one or more of the following activities and outcomes:


  • project definition based on in-depth discussion on your request
  • surface characterization of device material
  • custom nanocoating development
  • coating of devices
  • scale-up and/or technology transfer

Outcome & deliverables

  • surface and nanocoating characterization report
  • coated demonstrator devices for analysis and validation by the customer
  • coated commercial devices
  • detailed coating protocol and/or IP license 


Applying a nanocoating to a surface is one thing, measuring its effect on the surface properties, both on molecular and macroscopic level, is just as important. To this end, Surfix has access to hands-on experience with a wide range of advanced surface analysis techniques, including:

  • Contact Angle Measurement (static and dynamic)
  • Optical and Fluorescence Microscopy
  • Imaging Ellipsometry
  • X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS)
  • Infrared Spectroscopy (ATR, IRRAS)
  • Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)
  • Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)