Custom Nanocoatings

Accurate and precise control of surface properties is essential for exploiting the full potential of advanced micro- and nanoscale devices. Therefore, Surfix’s nanocoatings are of added value for numerous applications in the field of micro- and nanotechnology. Our nanocoatings are predominantly applied in the life sciences domain, for example in microfluidic chips and biosensors, two key components of Lab-on-a-Chip (LoC) devices for Point-of-Care (PoC) diagnostics.


Surface modification is a key step in the manufacturing process of the above-mentioned components, as it provides them with essential properties such as biorecognition, antifouling and wettability. In many cases it is beneficial to have local control of these properties, i.e. patterns of different functionalities on the surface. This is enabled by Surfix's unique nanocoating technologies.

Microfluidic and biosensing chips can be made from different materials and take many shapes and forms. Moreover, multiple materials may be combined in a hybrid device. Regardless of the selected material, for optimum performance of the device, it is essential that not only the bulk properties are considered, but the surface properties are also taken into account.

Surfix's nanocoatings can be applied to many different microfluidic and biosensor materials and are therefore ideally suited for optimizing the surface properties and therefore the performance of the devices. 

As our nanocoatings are an integral part of your device, we prefer to work in close cooperation with you to identify, develop, and produce the optimal surface modification solution for your device.

Your nanocoating partner

Surfix is a leader in the development of custom nanocoatings for various applications. We support our customers by identifying opportunities to improve the performance of their devices. These are further elaborated and implemented in co-development projects, resulting in cost-effective and manufacturable surface modification solutions.

A typical project includes one or more of the following activities and outcomes:

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