Surfix’s business is based on three pillars with nanocoatings as common denominator:

Photonic biochip

  • Ultrasensitive biomarker detection based on silicon nitride waveguide technology
  • Material-selective surface nanocoatings further improve the sensitive and selective
    detection of the analyte of interest
  • Nanocoatings for photonic biosensors improve the sensitivity and limit of detection
  • Reduced non-specific adsorption

            Surfix Biochip


  • Nanocoatings optimize surface properties of glass and polymer microfluidics
  • Control of wettability, flow properties and non-specific adsorption of biomolecules
  • Nanocoatings are compatible with bonding/closing of the device
  • Can be combined with biofunctionalization

            Surfix Microfluidics

Custom nanocoatings

  • Broad knowledge and experience in chemical surface modification
  • Understanding of application areas and portfolio of proprietary surface modification technologies
  • Close collaboration to identify opportunities to improve the performance of materials and devices
  • Development of custom nanocoatings, coating of devices, technology transfer and IP licensing

            Surfix Nanocoatings