A corona test for the masses

12-06-2020 - Bits &Chips: 3rd edition

This week's issue of Bits&Chips offers a great article on Surfix's development of a SARS-CoV-2 test, based on photonic biochips and selective nano-coatings. The three Dutch companies Surfix, Lionix and Qurin are developing a biochip along with Photondelta in a public- private partnership to unloc the potential of integrated photonics for corona testing. Read the full article here.

Developing such a Point-of-Care test is what the three Dutch companies, co-financed and supported by Photondelta, have set out to do. Combining Lionix International’s integrated photonics technology with Surfix’s  nanocoatings and Qurin Diagnostics’ biomedical expertise, they aim to have SARS- CoV-2 testing devices in doctors’ offces by the end of next year. The ultimate goal, however, is to make a test for the masses: a widely available, disposable test that only costs a few euros.
Read the full article here.