BioCHIP Berlin


Surfix's Luc Scheres and Hans Dijk joined by Qurin Diagnostics' Henk Viëtor and Lionix International's Henk Leeuwis will be at the BioCHIP Exhibition and Conference in Berlin Germany on June October 13th and 14th, 2020.

In their joint booth the 3 companies will show their capabilities in the fields of biophotonics, nanocoatings and early stage cancer diagnostics using liquid biopsy.
Henk Viëtor will present the latest results of the diagnostic photonic biochip that can detect low concentrations of free DNA in urine.
Luc Scheres will present "Coat & Close", a new proprietary nanocoating process that will revolutionize the manufacturing of plastic microfluidics.

Link to: BioCHIP Berlin