MicroNano Conference 2018: Amsterdam, the Netherlands


This year Surfix will be exhibiting and presenting at the MicroNano Conference from 10th- 12th December, 2018 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The event is organized by the Dutch Microsystems and nanotechnology cluster, who aims at a strong network in the nanotechnology and microsystems sector in the Netherlands.

Anke Schütz-Trilling - one of our project managers- will share her work on "Highly sensitive integrated optical biosensing platform based on an asymmetric Mach-Zehnder interferometer and material-selective (bio)functionalization" on Dec, 11th, at 11:45.

In addition, our R&D Scientist R. Carvalho will share his insights on "Locally coated, electrostatically actuated capillary valves enabling sequential flow for autonomous on-chip assays" together with Aliki Tsopela from Micronit 14:00-14:15.

The conference discusses the following themes: 

- Organ-on-a-chip
- Microfluidics
- Biosensing
- Functional surfaces and interfaces

For more information about the conference, click here