Surfix participates in one of the BIOCDx projects!


Surfix BV is proud to participate in the BIOCDx program
launched in January 2017. Within the project, partners from
four different countries - Greece, Germany, Switzerland and
The Netherlands - work on the development of a miniaturized,
ultra-sensitive and reliable Point-of-Care (PoC) device with a
disposable microfluidic cartridge for the monitoring of cancer biomarkers. 

The developed PoC device will support the detection of primary tumors and metastases focusing on breast cancer, hormone-independent prostate cancer and melanoma.
To this end the consortium gathered expertise from the photonic, nano-biochemical, micro-fluidic and reader/packaging platform to develop a portable, desktop PoC device. Within the BIOCDx project Surfix BV will supply the nanocoatings necessary to immobilize the different biomarkerson the surface. 

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