"Nano, hydrofiel en eiwitafstotend" (DUTCH ONLY)


De nieuwe ‘Signalement’ (magazine van FHI, Federatie van technologiebranches) is verschenen, met Surfix als onderwerp van de coverstory! Klik hier voor het tijdschrift, waarin CEO Luc Scheres het verhaal achter Surfix vertelt.

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Three SMEs and the University of Twente develop an extremely sensitive protein and virus detection platform


The SME companies Lead Pharma, LioniX and Surfix and the University of Twente have jointly developed a biological detection platform, BioMEANDER, that is up to a hundred times more sensitive than existing techniques.
Amongst other applications, the partners plan to deploy the platform to screen candidate drugs and to develop an extremely selective virus detector.
The EFRO programme OP Oost awarded the partners an R&D collaboration subsidy of €800,000 for the BioMEANDER project, and the partners will also have invested a total of €1.2 million in the project by the end of 2019. 

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Meet us at the 21st MicroTAS 2017


We will be present at the MicroTAS in Savannah,

Georgia from Monday, 23 October 2017 -
Thursday, 26 October 2017. 

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Surfix participates in one of the BIOCDx projects!


Surfix BV is proud to participate in the BIOCDx program
launched in January 2017. Within the project, partners from
four different countries - Greece, Germany, Switzerland and
The Netherlands - work on the development of a miniaturized,
ultra-sensitive and reliable Point-of-Care (PoC) device with a
disposable microfluidic cartridge for the monitoring of cancer biomarkers. 

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Micronit Microtechnologies en Surfix investeren in technologische verbetering medische thuistesten


Microtechnologiebedrijf Micronit en chemisch technologiebedrijf Surfix slaan de handen ineen om medische testen voor thuisgebruik te verbeteren. Zij ontvangen hiervoor een R&D samenwerkingssubsidie uit het EFRO programma OP Oost. 

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Meet Surfix at the 3rd NanoBio Workshop 2018