Leading Dutch biochip companies accelerate development of fast and reliable COVID-19 test


Surfix B.V., together with its shareholders Qurin Diagnostics B.V. and LioniX International B.V., already successfully developing bio-photonic nanochips for cancer detection and other applications, today announce an accelerated development plan to allow mass-scale COVID-19 diagnosis and immunity detection with the financial support and in close collaboration with PhotonDelta.

The desktop testing device will yield reliable test results within 5 minutes and is scheduled to be available for commercial exploitation within 6-9 months. The device will be built around a photonic biochip using LioniX’ mature and proven silicon nitride based integrated optics technology (TriPleX™), a key technology within the PhotonDelta ecosystem. The surface functionalization and biochemical assay development are provided by Surfix and Qurin Diagnostics, respectively. The combination of these disciplines enables a successful, fast and accurate virus detection platform. The development will be supported by and in tight collaboration with Photon Delta (a Dutch public private partnership). The PhotonDelta support will be both in co-funding as in further future upscaling and exploitation.

Qurin Diagnostics, Surfix and LioniX International are already working together closely on early cancer detection and have realized an ultra-sensitive biochip sensor array which will be applied for early cancer detection using urine as a liquid biopsy.

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Guided liquid flow in a glass microfluidic channel


Surfix and the HEIDENHAIN Group demonstrate guided liquid flow in a glass microfluidic channel by a patterned hydrophobic nanocoating.

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Surfix portrayed in the IVAM hightech-magazine »inno«

29-07-2019 - Vol. 24, No. 73

We have been featured in this year's summer edition of the INNO magazine, introducing new developments in microtechnology, nanotechnology, optics, photonics, MEMS and advanced materials. This year's focus lays on the micro and nano industry in the Netherlands. 

You can download the full article here.

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A leading Dutch alliance in biochip development: Qurin Diagnostics and LioniX International acquire Surfix

15-04-2019 - Enschede, the Netherlands

As of April 15, 2019, Qurin Diagnostics B.V. and Lionix International B.V. have acquired Surfix B.V. As a supplier of custom-made nanocoatings, the capabilities of Surfix are highly complementary to the products and services offered by Qurin and LioniX International. The companies are already working together closely on early cancer detection and have realized a sensitive biochip, bringing together their respective complementary technologies for this purpose. This acquisition strengthens their relationship and mutual commitment towards bringing this technology to the global biomedical market.

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New R&D project for 2019: ScaleTIME


We are happy to announce that we will kick off 2019 with the start of a brand new R&D project. In the project ScaleTIME, Surfix will work together with Micronit, Axxicon and Enzyre on the integration and industrialization of manufacturing processes for polymer microfluidic devices used in enzymatic diagnostic assays. 

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BioCDx and BioMeander in the 'Biotech and Life Science News'

17-12-2018 - WRITTEN IN DUTCH

In de novembereditie van 'Biotech and Life Science News’ staat een artikel over twee R&D projecten waarbij Surfix betrokken is: BioCDx en BioMeander. Lees hier het artikel over de samenwerking tussen Lead Pharma, LioniX, Surfix en de Universiteit Twente.

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