€3 million EU funding for PHOTO-SENS: photonic biosensing platform for aquaculture


The European Commission has awarded a Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) grant of €3M to a consortium of 5 companies to develop a photonic biosensing platform for aquaculture applications. The project PHOTO-SENS brings together partners from across the value chain: production of photonic biochips (Surfix, NL), photonics assembly and packaging (PHIX, NL), microfluidics integration (CSEM, CH), equipment manufacturing (LRE Medical, D), and diagnostic services in aquaculture (Tunatech, D).

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Sufix Series - finishing off: diagnostics and biosensing in 2021

16-02-2021 - Part 5

Our excursion through the facilities and work of Surfix is coming to an end today, but not without getting you excited for some of our projects around #biosensing and #diagnostics this year! 

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Surfix Series: Our partner Lionix International

11-02-2021 - Part 4

Hello from Enschede! In today’s episode we have visited our partners at LioniX International and took a look at their work on photonics and integrated circuits as well as their contribution to the covid19 diagnostic device. 

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Surfix Series: The basics of our biochip

20-01-2021 - Part 3

We have a new year and with it also a new episode of our vlogseries. Today we will meet our colleagues from the biochip team. We will start diving into the workings of the coated photonic biochip and how these technologies can help with the rapid and reliable detection of pathogens such as cancer or covid19.

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Surfix develops a test method for corona diagnosis

22-12-2020 - Wageningen University Newsletter

We were covered in this month's newsletter of the Wageningen University. Read the full story on the WUR's website:

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Surfix Series: Our facilities

17-12-2020 - Part 2

Our online tour through the Surfix facilities is -just like 2020- coming to an end. We’ll see you back in 2021 with some exciting updates and insights about our biochip. 

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Surfix at the Consumer Electronics Show