Surfix offers nanocoating-enhanced photonic biochips and microfluidics. These components enable the development of advanced applications like Point-of-Care (PoC) tests for diagnosis of covid-19 and cancer, and other Lab-on-a-Chip applications.

Point of Care Testing

The goal of PoC technology is to move diagnostic testing from the clinical laboratory to a location closer to the patient, e.g. the physician’s office or even the patient’s home. The benefits of PoC testing include faster diagnosis, more frequent testing (and therefore more accurate monitoring), and reduced inconvenience for the patient. PoC testing is also one of the key enabling technologies for the development of companion diagnostics in the field of personalized medicine. Last but not least, PoC testing holds great promise for bringing high level healthcare to remote locations with limited infrastructure.

Well known PoC diagnostic tests are the home pregnancy test and glucose tests for diabetes monitoring. Current PoC applications are mostly limited to simple assays and qualitative tests. In recent years, there has been a strong drive to extend PoC testing to more complex and quantitative assays.

This requires a number of technological issues to be overcome, and this development is driven by advances in microfluidic, biosensor, and Lab-on-a-Chip technologies. Surfix's products and services enable the development of advanced components, devices and products for new applications .

A selection of our current application areas is given below, but do not hesitate to send an enquiry for your application case.