The Surfix team

The Surfix team consists of highly educated, young and enthousiastic people who are motivated by complex and challenging tasks. We are driven by curiosity and by the will to make things work. Moreover, we also want to understand how things work, so they can be improved further. We are genuinely interested in the applications and problems of our customers and dedicated to finding the best solution for their needs.


Luc Scheres


Luc Scheres is the CEO of Surfix. In 2005 he received his MSc degree in Chemistry and Physics at Utrecht University. Subsequently Luc moved to Wageningen University and obtained his PhD degree (with highest honours) in 2010. After a short post-doc at Eindhoven University Luc founded Surfix in 2011.

Daniel Bijl

Commercial Director

Daniel obtained his MSc in Electrical Engineering from the University of Twente. Following his entrepreneurial spirit, he started his first company (SmartTip) in 2004. Since 2016, Daniel is also involved with Surfix, where he takes care of business development and other commercial affairs.

Wout Knoben

R&D/ Project Manager

Wout studied Molecular Sciences at Wageningen University and obtained his PhD degree in Physical Chemistry from the same university in 2007. He then took a position at Holst Centre in Eindhoven,  where he built 8 years of experience developing new technologies for chemical sensing, working with polymers, thin films and colloidal systems. In 2015, Wout moved back to Wageningen to join Surfix.


Project Manager
Anke studied Biology and Biotechnology in Germany and France before moving to Wageningen to work on her PhD Thesis entitled "Oriented Antibodies as Versatile Detection Elements in Biosensors". In 2013 Anke joined Surfix, where her strong background in biology and extensive experience with surface modificiation are of great value.