Surfix BV was founded as a spin-off from Wageningen University. Surfix is a flexible, non-hierarchical organization, enabling us to adapt effectively and efficiently to the requirements of our customers. Personal relationships and open communication are core values at Surfix.


Having served customers of all sorts and sizes, Surfix builds your solution on deep knowledge and broad experience in the various aspects of surface modification, combined with in-depth understanding of application areas and a portfolio of proprietary surface modification solutions. Surfix’s proprietary surface modification technologies not only yield excellent surface properties but also enable patterning with superior spatial control.

Surfix Open Day: Aftermovie

Surfix organized an open day for personal friends and family of the team. After a short presentation about Surfix and its state of the art technology, our guests got a peek behind the scenes during a lab tour.
The afternoon was concluded with some drinks and typical Dutch snacks. To get an impression of the event and Surfix, have a look at the aftermovie!