nanocoating-Enhanced biochips and microfluidics

Micro- and nanotechnology are an integral part of sustainable solutions for major global challenges in healthcare, food, and energy. At Surfix, we believe that accurate control of surface properties is a prerequisite to exploit the full potential of micro- and nanodevices such as biochips and microfluidics.

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Surfix’s expertise is based on three pillars with nanocoatings as common denominator:

Enabling Poc diagnostics

Building on its portfolio of proprietary nanocoating technologies, Surfix provides nanocoating-enhanced components for Point-of-Care devices and other Lab-on-a-Chip applications. Examples include diagnostic devices for the detection of biomarkers for cancer, cardiovascular and infectious diseases like covid-19.

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A selection of our current application areas is given below, but do not hesitate to send an enquiry for your application case.

Revolutionizing nanocoating technology

Since its inception in 2011 Surfix has worked on developing organic chemistry-based polymer nanocoatings and has performed a countless number of projects for customers around the globe. 

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Surfix employs three main types of proprietary nanocoating technologies: